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Beautiful Brass Framed .32 Rimfire Whitneyville Armory Antique Pistol ... Rare & Beautiful Antique M1870 Vetterli Cadet Carbine ... Large .41 RF Pocket Revolver By ...

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10.4mm swiss vetterli rimfire cartridge .41 caliber bullet.. They fit the model 1869 Vertterli Swiss rifle... Bannerman imported them into the U.S as part of his war surplus supply house in New York..and sold them for decades ..

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There is one company that loads rimfire ammo for the Vetterli, unfortunately the name escapes me right now. The only drawback is that it is $200 for 20 rounds (which is why the name escapes me). I will look around and find them if you are interested. There is also a company that loads centerfire ammo which is more reasonably priced, but I can't ...

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You can try to crimp the bullet heads at the very end of the case neck but a host of problems with ignition and loose bullet heads in the case neck occur,. This becomes very obvious once you try to reload the ammo with pistol bullets it will convert your vetterli into a single shot..mold 200 bucks,.

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19487 SWISS VETTERLI RIFLE CARTRIDGE .41 SWISS CALIBER (10.4 X 38MMR) RIMFIRE - This is an original Swiss military cartridge made circa 1892, according to the paper packet dates on other cartridges found at the same time. These were used in all their Vetterli rifles, as well as in some of the earlier single shot rifles converted from muzzle ...

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The Bannerman catalog in particular had Vetterli rifles in original and sporterized conditions (for an added fee). ".41 Swiss" as it was referred to in the US, was produced up until the start of WWII for these rifles. As previously mentioned, this rifle fires a rimfire cartridge.

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Swiss Vetterli ( Waffenfabrik Bern) Model 1869 .41 Swiss Rimfire cal Bolt Action Full Wood Military Rifle w/ 33" bbl [ fading blue finish, to grey on receiver, some pitting, matching numbered bolt, etc., good wood stamped 4201 behind lower tang, w/sling swivels, missing cleaning rod, (8) ] Ser # 140196 Antique No PAL Req

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Single Shell Remington .41 Swiss 10.4x38mm Rimfire ... 1884 ITALIAN VETTERLI MOD. 1870/87/15 33.5 INCH BARREL ANTIQUE RIFLE! ... you are over 21 & can legally ...

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Five rounds of UMC 41 Swiss rimfire ammo. Ammo is marked "U" on bottom. The box is a UMC box and says "300 grs. bullet", but ammo appears to me UMC paper patched shot containing ammo. The box has one of the small ends missing and shows its age. This ammo is rare and very hard to come buy. Winning bidder pays $5.00 shipping and insurance.

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There is one company that loads rimfire ammo for the Vetterli, unfortunately the name escapes me right now. The only drawback is that it is $200 for 20 rounds (which is why the name escapes me). I will look around and find them if you are interested.

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Original Item: Only One Available. Introduced in 1867, the Vetterli rifle system utilized the "Winchester" tube magazine system for cartridge storage under the barrel. The original 1867 model had an external hammer, like a Winchester, but in 1868 this was changed to an internal cocking bolt spring. The cleaning rod was moved to the side of the rifle, but this proved problematic, so the model ...
The mechanism of the Vetterli was simplicity itself, being drawn from the 1866 Winchester; the bolt operated a bellcrank that knocked the cartridge lifter up and down. The bolt cocked itself on opening, and dual firing pins helped mitigate the occasional priming deficiencies of the rimfire cartridge. ABOVE: Gew. 1869/71 Vetterli action detail.
There is one company that loads rimfire ammo for the Vetterli, unfortunately the name escapes me right now. The only drawback is that it is $200 for 20 rounds (which is why the name escapes me). I will look around and find them if you are interested.
Aug 01, 2018 · General Info needed!!! The Swiss Vetterli rifles in its original configuration were issued in 10,4+47mm with 2 firing pins and were strictly rimfire at what point in time were these guns converted to centerfire??and in what quantity? There never was to much of a problem to obtain a few rim fire rounds for these guns on this side of the border but the center fire variety was a different thing ...
The.41 Swiss (officially the 10.4x38mm R Swiss Vetterli M69/81) is a.415 in (10.54 mm) Swiss military rimfire rifle cartridge.

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Jul 01, 2017 · The 10.4×38 (.41 Swiss) Vetterli is a fascinating firearm of the late 19th century – an early bolt action with a cam actuated loading mechanism that lifts cartridges fed from a tube magazine and a rimfire cartridge that spanned the evolution from black to smokeless powder. It is a not uncommon rifle and even nice specimens are not expensive.
Oct 26, 2020 · Vetterli Vetterli Rifle Parts, Folding Swiss Army Knives, Camping & Hiking Swiss Army Knives Tools, Swiss Army Plain Knives, Victorinox Camping & Hiking Swiss Army Knives, Gun Parts for Vetterli, Rimfire Hunting Rifle Scopes, Rimfire In Range & Shooting Targets, Remington Firing Pin In Shotgun Parts, Ammunition Belts and Bandoliers for Rimfire Ammo .41 Caliber.42 Caliber.43 Caliber ... Rimfire.25 Caliber.32 Caliber.38 Caliber ... 10.4x38mm R Swiss Vetterli M69/81. Related products. 10mm Rimmed Magnum